Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety

The Community of Competence™ and Foundation for Life

Leadership, vision, community, knowledge, innovations, compassion, values, and competency- Essential qualities of the 21st Century healthcare system and organization.

As an active learning organization, we strongly embody these qualities and are leading patient safety research and education to build knowledge and greater capacity to learn and to identify the best healthcare practices. Our purpose is to help build a better healthcare system that provides quality, safe, holistic, comprehensive and humane health care.

Our philosophy is founded on building an active community based on competence, an active community consisting of members with leadership, vision, knowledge, compassion, and values - "Community of Competence™ and Foundation for Life".

Support our mission with your donation to improve patient safety.

We are a proud official sponsor of:

The Community of Competence™ in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety, CARE for Patient Safety©, Share Our Stories© (SOS), Patient Safety Checklists©, National Patient Safety Community©, National Medical Safety Board, Patient Safety Forum, Get Rid of Unused Pharmaceuticals© (GROUP), The Center for Integrated Health Care and Wellness, The Elizabeth A. Smith Patient Safety Colloquium, Patient-Centered Medical Community Health Care, and other patient safety initiatives and innovations.

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