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The Community of Competence™ and Foundation for Life

The Core-Unique-Expanding (CUE) Model

Individual experience, knowledge and competence are the core of our Community of Competence™. Assessing and documenting a person's overall competencies is often a challenging, time-consuming task.  Elizabeth A. Smith, Ph.D. created the experience-based Core-Unique-Expanding (CUE) Model as a logical way to identify, group, and compare each person's unique competencies, work skills, abilities, and knowledge with work they actually do, or would like to do. Job satisfaction and productivity are highest when people do what they enjoy most, are capable of doing, and are openly recognized by their peers and supervisors. A highly motivated, competent work force, particularly in health care, is vital to an organization’s overall success.

For more than 20 years, this model has been used successfully in business and management to guide decisions on work and team assignments, cross-training, and career development.

We offer consultation and practical applications of the CUE Model in workshops and seminars for individuals and groups of all sizes. Contact us for more information about this program and learn how you can improve your team and optimize your performance in quality and safety.