Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety

The Community of Competence™ and Foundation for Life

Communities of Competence™: New Resources in the Workplace

Communities of Competence™ as Catalysts for Change

Community of Competence™: Background Theory and Concepts-Part I

Community of Competence™: Application of a New Organizational Concept to Health Care - Part II

Views of the 21st Century Organization

The Role of Tacit and Explicit Knowledge in the Workplace

Community of Competence™: A Working Organizational Model for Increasing Patient Safety

The Patient in Patient Safety

Patient Safety Checklists: A Safety Tool for Patient Involvement

Unused and Expired Medicines: A Patient Safety & Public Health Epidemic in the Making

Improving Diagnostic Precision of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Assessment of Hand Functionality: A Clinical Series

An Improved Diagnostic Method Based on Hand Functionality for Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Annotated Bibliography of the Community of Competence™