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Traumatic Brain Injury Study

Medical misdiagnosis is a major category of medical error, particularly with a closed-head injury resulting from a sudden jolt or blow to the head with no visible signs, such as bleeding.  Often, the injured person denies the injury. Fortunately, most  injured persons with subconcussion or  mild traumatic brain injury (mTbI) recover after a sufficient period of rest.  However, repeated or chronic sub-concussion or mTBI remains a significant concern for athletes and military personnel.

Community Medical Foundation has partnered with Red Oak Instruments, Inc. to develop a noninvasive screening method for mTBI or concussion that commonly goes undetected or is missed by first responders, triage nurse or doctor.

Our Traumatic Brain Injury Study involves the evaluation and validation of new medical device approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to accurately measure fine motor control (FMC) of the hands noninvasively.  Our research team has discovered a high correlation between mTBI and subtle changes in FMC of injured cases and has published preliminary findings from case reports in the Journal of Clinical Engineering.

We continue our data collection as part of this study while providing a new rapid screening method for concussion for the civilian and military populations.  For more information, visit our Traumatic Brain Injury Screening Center.