Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety

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Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety conducts independent research including:

Research projects include  evaluation of the military’s trauma registry, a national study of unused and expired medicines, publications in medical journals, development of patient safety checklists for patients and families, comparison of safety reporting systems for patients,  review and critique of Patient Safety Organizations (PSO), screening of traumatic brain injury (concussion), study of integrative health care and wellness, and studies of healthcare organizations and systems.

Research team members adhere to the requirements of human subject/participant protection and the highest level of safety and research conduct.  Our Foundation has its own internal review board (IRB) comprised of our  Advisory Board members.  Collaborative projects with various institutions, allow us to use other institutional IRBs.  Most members of our research team have strong academic and research experience and are elected members of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society.

All research projects must meet the aims of and comply with the stated mission of our Foundation and Code of Ethics.