Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety

The Community of Competence™ and Foundation for Life

Our Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values

Our vision is to inspire and inform patients, their families, healthcare professionals, and support personnel of ways to improve health outcomes through the practice of patient-centered medicine to attain and maintain a better quality of life.

Our mission is to promote patient safety and healthcare quality through education, research and the demonstrated practice of patient-centered healthcare within a supportive organizational culture of safety.

Our purpose is to create synergy among our steadily growing number of communities (nurses, health educators and promoters, business partners, biomedical and safety engineers, health information scientists, environmental experts, interns, fellows, ethicists, Oslerians, and volunteers) and other healthcare professionals to steadily improve the safety, quality, equity, timeliness, effectiveness, and efficiency of healthcare.

Our values are based on:

Environmental conservation statement

We strive to be environmentally friendly and conservative in our mission to promote patient safety and healthcare quality. Whenever appropriate and feasible, we are committed to using recycled copy paper of at least 35% post-consumer content, which requires 35% fewer trees for paper production, is 15% more energy efficient, results in 13% fewer greenhouse gas emissions; produces 32% fewer hazardous air pollutants, and generates 17% less solid waste and water pollution. We also join our office and building occupants in conserving energy by shutting off the air conditioning on weekends and holidays. We invite you to join our community of environmentally responsible partners and challenge you to help us save the planet.