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Get Rid of Unused Pharmaceuticals©(GROUP) Campaign

In 2006, Community Medical Foundation announced its GROUP Campaign to promote awareness of  the dangers of unused and expired medicines (UEMs) at home and workplace and published one of the first manuals of procedures for the collection and disposal of UEMs.  As a leader in the study of UEMs, we advocate a standardized way to collect information about UEMs that will be compiled into the National Unused & Expired Medicines Registry for research.

Our comprehensive guidebook provides step-by-step instructions for any organization to plan and implement a successful drug take-back program. Contents of the GROUP Manual of Procedures include recruitment and training of personnel, budget planning, promotion and publicity, time line for activities and tasks, checklists and data collection forms.  An accompanying CD Rom provides additional templates for  a fact sheet, bookmark, UEM inventory form, and poster.

See our Patient Safety Products and Resource page for information about the GROUP Manual.