Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety

The Community of Competence™ and Foundation for Life

Community, Awareness, Responsibility, Empowerment (CARE)

Our community outreach campaign in patient safety embodies these domains to actively engage individuals and families to become competent members of their healthcare team and take charge of their lives, health and welfare in the most prudent manner.

Community serves as the foundation for support and positive interactions within the healthcare system and the basic means by which information and knowledge is exchanged, shared, and valued.

Awareness of the need for individuals to become more involved in making decisions about their own health care.

Responsibility of both healthcare providers and patients to enable patients and their families to ask questions, be given meaningful answers in order to maximize outcomes, such as recovery, improvement, etc.

Empowerment of patients and their families by healthcare professionals provides help to bring about changes and improvements in the safety, quality, timeliness, equity, efficiency, and effectiveness with which healthcare is delivered.

See our CARE Program for Seniors© in the Education Section, that provide useful information and step-by-step instructions about the safe and appropriate use of prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Learning objectives include use of descriptive material and checklists to discuss and reinforce the importance of taking medicines as prescribed, avoiding drug interactions and side effects, and properly disposing unused and expired medicines.