Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety

The Community of Competence™ and Foundation for Life

Patient Safety Internship and Fellowship Programs

We provide two outstanding, competitive research internship and fellowship programs each year to qualified students, from high school to graduate school levels.  Applicants are required to attend an in-person interview with the Selection Committee to review educational background,  research interest, work experience and other qualifications.

Current research projects include designing a patient safety reporting system, comparison of commercial aviation safety and health care, survey of unused and expired medicines at home, national survey of drug take-back programs, evaluation of medical devices, development of patient safety checklists, conceptual models of integrated health care, and organizational studies of healthcare systems and technology.

Designed for high school, college and graduate students, the Patient Safety Internship is a minimum six-month project, supervised by an assigned preceptor.  For advanced students, the Patient Safety Fellowship is a 12-month assignment, also supervised by a qualified preceptor.  The selected individual is named Fellow of the Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety.

Both programs give young researchers opportunity to demonstrate analytical and qualitative skills in research, work closely with scientists and professionals in patient safety, and strengthen their career interest in science and health care.  Grant opportunities are available.  Patient Safety  Interns and Fellows become life members of our Community of Competence™ in Health Care.

For more information and application form, contact us.