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Share Our Stories© (S.O.S.)

Presented at National Congress for Patient Safety, 2006, our copyrighted Share Our Stories (SOS) provides a unique platform for patients, families

and care providers to record recent medical experiences in their own words.  

An SOS report typically contain three primary elements:

Personal stories are rich in narrative, and many report immediate concern or suggestions for improvement.  Contents of SOS reports are carefully entered into a database and analyzed descriptively and qualitatively for patterns and important lessons that can be learned and shared, as well as “best practices” recommended.  These shared experiences help us better understand the views and levels of engagement from patients and their families.  

Anyone may use our SOS Form to record his or her story and mail or fax us the completed form.  On June 1, 2010, we launched the online SOS System to support the 2007 National Patient Safety Goal #13a: define and communicate the means for patients and families to report concerns about safety and encourage them to do so.  

For direct web-based access to SOS, enter username: patient and password: safety  The electronic, online SOS is provided and maintained by our partner CRG Medical, Inc. with Knowledge Builder Core (KBCore) as the recording system.

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